Tom Muehl Photos

It’s great that MSC racers throughout history have been kind enough to share their photos with all of us. Here are a few from Tom Muehl. Hopefully after seeing these on the MSC History site he’ll take the time to send us more!!

Tom Muehl Cairo May 31, 1976


Tom Muehl Ace June 20 1976


Tom Muehl #4 Claverack June 15, 1975. “This is about the only place were i could keep Pat Maroney close was at the start then he was gone, he rode that husky so hard he had to keep the motor chained in , I am #4 here”


Rickman framed 100cc Kawasaki Green Streak


MSC Awards Dinner 1975. “MSC champions at the awards dinner, I’m wearing the bow tie and Bruce Knowlton is to my right , cant remember the others.”
Does anyone remember the other champions names?


Monticello October 5, 1975


Modena October 28, 1973. “Getting ready for practice, I ‘m #4 on my 125 Rickman.”


Millerton June 6, 1972 Rider’s Meeting. “My dad is wearing the Bavarian hat.”


Millerton 100cc Novice. ” I’m 237 and that’s Frank Ahlers with the holeshot on the Suzuki, he was pretty fast on that thing.”



Fishkill.” I don’t remember the date.”


Fishkill May 23, 1976. ” Open expert start , I wearing #1 in this one.”


Claverack August 17, 1975.


Tom Muehl Cairo May 31, 1976.