When the Metropolitan New York area is mentioned, motorcycle racing is not usually the first subject that comes to mind. But in the shadow of the city that never sleeps is a strong motorcycle racing community with a rich history.

On this site the rich MSC history will unfold. Every effort will be made to contact the people involved during the past 59 years of MSC competition. This will be done to bring you the definitive history of the Metropolitan Sports Committee.

If you know someone that was involved with racing in the MSC during this time, please guide them to this site and have them e-mail us so they can be included where they rightfully belong.

This is a massive undertaking and all offers of help are welcomed and appreciated. Whether you contribute photos, memoribila, memories, stories or interviews of our riders from the past, they will all be included here on this site.

Thank you.

Metropolitan Sports Committee

Update 04/01/2018 – This site was originally built by John Carlisle Nichols MSC Expert #12 in 2007.  John also built the original MSC website many years ago before all the updates were made.  We need to thank John and so many of the other contributors who over the years, have contributed all of these great memories and MSC Memorabilia.  Thank you!  

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