Early 1970’s Photos

Fellow MSC racer James Schmits sent in these photos and stories. Enjoy.

Monticello- 72'

Monticello- 1972

1972-Monticello  I am # 324 and on the left with red helmet is John Kenny from Little Falls,NJ and behind him is Barry Dean from “Dean of Sports” Haledon,NJ. #174 is Jim Bean of Dover Plains, NY. I didn’t know many others then and it was my first Trophy. I got second to a kid that Traded his horse for an XL 250 like the one I rode. He actually had a tin pie plate for the front # plate.  ( And the horn worked)

kid with pie plate

Kid with pie plate


Modena- 73'

Modena- 1973

1973– Modena: I am #27 ( which I have kept to date)  my first expert race – – – # 50 is Vito Parisi, behind him is Merrit Brown and behind him is ? Smith. 18 bikes started I got run over and was able to remount for the first of 3 restarts; the ambulance left twice and I think it was around 10 who finished. It could have been a turning point but I was and still am not smart enuff to stop.
As a kid I used to deliver news papers to Joan and Charlie Watson and bought my first bike (350 Ducati) from there shop “Joan’s Chain and Sprocket” after I got out of the Army.
I spent a lot of time with Charlie; He was a character and is missed. I have lost touch with Joan.
I was lucky enough to spend time on the Track at Fishkill with the Legendary “Jim Fennel” ( Cigar and all) and I was able to steel the #1 plate from Lew Holas in 75′.
Those were great times and I have more pics for you.