Buzzy and the Helmet Cam – circa 1975

Here is some real died-in-the-wool race MSC memorabilia. For the older racers and fans, it’s amazing.

Attempting to compare this camera footage vs. today’s equipment is grossly unfair. Back when this was filmed, the only way to create this footage was to use actual film. Never knowing what you actually captured until the film came back from the developer and it was put into a film projector. Worse yet, the 8mm film of those days could only shoot for 3 minutes at a time. Then you needed another roll of film.

Here in Buzzy’s own words is how this piece of film history was created.

This film is from the the early part of 1975, as I was on the 1975 TM 125. A few weeks latter I got the first or one of the first 1975 RM 125’s to hit the east coast… We did the film for a class project for some girls in Brookfield Ct. HS… I just wished we knew where to point the camera on my helmet..little higher would have been neat…we tried..

Buzzy Helmet Cam

Buzzy and the Helmet Cam

Here’s how you made something happen in the old days. An 8mm film camera duct taped to a helmet. No idea where to point the camera or know the results until the film was returned from the developer.

Enjoy the film.